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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Found in a Fairytale || Zaful


Black Lace Spliced Spliced Plunging Neck Skort Sleeve Dress - Zaful 

This mini dress is poppin'. I wanted to wear it everywhere but like I forgot to bring it back with me to the NY. The quality of it is so nice and I feel great knowing Zaful makes clothes where back zipper's aren't going to randomly fall off or something else won't rip and tear in two months. When I wear it in the fall - like when it's actually fall and I'm not sweating all of my makeup off - I plan to wear it with a black choker, a long blazer or jacket and maybe some kitten heels with a beanie. Also I didn't plan to wear my big chunky boots with this but I couldn't find the pair of shoes I was looking and I was already late as h*ck, I don't mind much though because I was taller than almost every boy I encountered and I don't know why that makes me really happy for some reason. 

I'll be working at NYFW for a few shows this fall, I'm excited!! Really I just hope I somehow get to see Lua of Le Happy because she's just the dopest. Hope you all have a great week! 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Satin Dress || Zaful

Pure Color Cami Satin Dress - Zaful 
This dress is so 90's /2000's esque and I am in love. The packaging was so cute I couldn't wait to try on the dress, when I opened it I went crazy and tried it on immediately. I thought it looked so good just wearing it without any other items/accessories at least this time, plus it was really hot out so I decided not to wear the blazer I planned to style it with. I may wear this to fashion week but that's so far away I'm not sure I'm strong enough to pick an outfit to wear a month in advance..but if I did wear it to fashion week I'd definitely have to wear it in red -- wish I'd known it came in other colors earlier I would have picked all of them. I'll be adding Zaful to my list of favorite stores this year.

Also, I have so many photos to edit for my New York photo diary, so it'll be up in a couple of posts! I take pictures of anything and everything, especially when I'm away from home, so there's so much to sift through. It's always harder because some of the photos are just aesthetically bad but I love them anyway, I'll have to print the bad ones out and put them in my scrapbook for the most part.
 Enjoy your day everyone, talk to you soon!


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Year of Superheroes Cey Adams Benefit Gala

Took a couple of days off my internship in NYC to come back to Atlanta for the Amario's Art Academy Year of Superheroes Gala Benefit honoring Cey Adams. The benefit was held to honor legendary artist Cey Adams and his work in the community, and also for his artistic vision and graphic arts as the founding creative director of  Def Jam. This was a great night for the arts and to raise money for the students of the Art Academy.

My beautiful friends and I had an amazing time and it was really meaningful to come together for such a positive event, I felt so proud being a part of a good community of people that are doing powerful things not just for themselves, but for their friends and family, and those like them who grew up not having much, but making the most of it; turning their hardships into something that spreads love and goodness. I hope next year's gala will be even better!

You can learn more about the academy and Cey Adams by visiting yearofsuperheroes.com

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer OOTD

Took these in Atlanta before my trip to The Big Apple. I feel like I love this outfit only because I bought that suede skirt three months ago and this was my second time wearing it -- it was like a re-love connection. But really I probably purposely lost it since I bought it a size too big and got frustrated by trying to make the d*rn thing fit me. When that happens I sort of let the clothing drift away and finally come back to me when I don't care as much anymore, like with these socks.

In my next post I'll try to have a photo diary of my random adventures in the city of New York
It's really weird being here and actually enjoying it, I don't think that's happened in about two years or so and it's nice. I've met a lot of nice people so far and I'm learning a lot so that's all I can ask for! Besides not fainting from this terrible heatwave that happens to arrive every time I visit..but anyway.

I hope you all have an ace weekend. Talk to you soon!