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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

July Photo Diary // 2018 Cloudland Canyon

I love nature. I grew up on a mountain and would always play outside in dirt or snow. climbing trees or saving bugs who were hurt (or if I just felt like they needed saving from their buggy disposition). I hate sweating more than anything, and the devil is really trying it with all of these heat waves, but my friend invited me to go hiking and I would have had Ragrets if I didn't go. it was lit (pictures below)
Moving towards something, to reach my own goals and enter into the future I want is something I daydream about and work hard at. but. I rarely share my goals with people, or my 'hearts desires' because I feel like people will either try to hinder you or help you with their words. I don't feel there's an in-between for the most part. Having helpful words doesn't mean it has to be absent of critique, but when someone is trying to hinder you, there is no support or understanding or compassion, there's only doubt or raised eyebrows + what ever else someone can muster up to say to you to show their disapproval. Being lowkey has helped me in the sense to believe in what I want with or without someone's help, support, or approval, but I've also hindered myself by not sharing my favorite things with my favorite people because of my fear of a Reaction. I'm an empath and taking on someone's feelings as my own can be a tricky line to walk. but sharing is important, it's an expression + act of love that isn't appreciated enough. Anyway, I'm trying to be a more open + honest person who shares herself more (I'm an artist so I have no excuse not to). here's to 2018 and adulting. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

My So Called Life

Straying away from the 90's disposition deep within my soul sometimes leaves me looking blah and dressing blah and feeling like I know nothing about fashion or personal style. then I come back to it and have an "...Oh" moment, and things start making sense. I'm always in the mood lately to dispose of my whole 'closet' (aka clothing rack that sits in my room lookin pretty) but, that costs money, and sometimes I actually like my clothes. So instead I just complain a lot and then keep making outfits I kind of like or love esp when I remember that I'm kind of okay great at dressing like the era I was born in. 

Not to be too specific right now because it's 12:00am and I'm not about to proofread this late but This summer I plan to devote more time to things I love and like, but also getting back in touch with people I love too. When school is busy ruining my life (I'm probably joking), I tend to stick with interacting with a handful of friends because keeping up with more than that handful will actually drive me and them crazy, but I have so many wonderful friends from all over the world and I feel like it's time to grow up a little bit and keep in better contact with 'em before I'm old and technologically annoyed. 

<3 to you all 

Photos by me and @amarioandre 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

How I Style: The Bodysuit

green leather jacket - vintage // bodysuit - Forever 21 // boots - GoJane

i love love love this jacket. I wish I'd styled it better but I'll have more time to do that in the near future. it's been a mini-struggle to figure out what to wear so early in the morning for my 8am classes. I contemplate throwing on a sweater and leggings (not the worst idea) but for some reason my brain always disagrees with me and then I sort of dress up in one way or another. 

But I still have some tips to myself that I use to make dressing easier while in school:

  1.  Pick out my outfit the night before
  2.  Take pictures in multiple outfits and refer to them when I can't figure out what to wear -- I usually do this the week before school starts and wear planned outfits for the first two weeks. it saves time!!
  3. Literally forget that I love fashion and dress in frumpy overalls and a beanie
  4. If I'm in a rush; throw on a bodysuit and pair it with a hoodie, jacket, cardigan, what ever's closest and will keep me warm (like in this look)
  5. Again with the bodysuit, throw some boyfriend jeans over it, put on some red Docs, or any cool boots and call it a day, it looks really cute. And I feel comfortable and not overly dressed, although I don't much mind being overly dressed