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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

black jacket/coat - thrifted // cardigan - Wal Mart // belt and hat- Forever 21 // backpack - secondhand //  tights - Target // lace top - Burlington // feather hair accessory - Rue21 // Docs - Urban Outfitters

In case you're wondering, I have a sticker on my face which basically says I voted - yay! for the first time mind you. I guess I'm getting old, which is cool and all, except I keep forgetting my age. And when I remember it I get immensely freaked out because I'm kind of an adult now (legally, anyway). Time flies really fast apparently.

It's been so cold these last few days. I'm talking winter cold, as a result I've been lighting candles and staying in watching Gossip Girl and Emily Owns M.D. and basically every CW show ever invented. d'oh! and midterms are over, gosh that gave me the biggest headache ever, but it's over and I'm relieved. 

I know all of this crazy weather is from the equally crazy storm. I hope all of you affected by Hurricane Sandy are now safe and warm, I'll be sending prayers your way <3

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Lua P. sketch

sundays are lovely, I'm going to do nothing all day while being slightly productive. I promise it's possible. See ya'll later with things I meant to post but didn't because I reallyyy like reading books. bye now!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blue Rivers

Wearing bright blue gym shorts in public is cool, right? Sadly I don't own proper comfy go-out-in-public-shorts so these obviously had to be my first choice. But, they're comfy, so who cares if they were meant for basketball and whatnot.

I had - slightly - a River Phoenix movie marathon day, I watched one of his called Dogfight, oh gosh I'm in love with that movie, thanks Rachel! He and Lili Taylor are brilliant in it. After that I started on another called Running on Empty but I stopped to get something to eat and never finished it, ironic..
I'm planning to finish the night with Stand By Me, but I don't feel like crying. Really, that movie always makes me cry.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bouncing Off the Ceiling

Hi :). Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post about my nonexistent tripod, ha. 

I think yesterday was productive as far as laughing goes, I think I'll start making small goals for the day each day so that I make sure I'm not wasting my summer - except Sunday, I do nothing but eat Chinese food and watch Basketball - buttt today's an exception, I'm going shopping again and I really want some cool pieces, and for my wardrobe to be turned upside down like A-Teens (I'm sure no one will get that reference). I have so many old items/stuff that I just can't throw away until I know I'll have a replacement for it. Hopefully it goes well, I really dislike going into stores, staring at everything, and buying nada.

Anyway, my small goals for Monday are to get some exercise outside, finish 50% of my portrait of Michael Fassbender (actor), and to learn a new word.

I hope your memorial day weekend goes as planned, ciao!