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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


velvet dress - thrifted // glasses - secondhand // belt - Forever 21 // backpack - Walmart (old)

Hi! I love this outfit so much. I thrifted this dress last year and never wore it outside of my room because I'm a noob, like not only is it velvet, but it's black too, what's more perfect than that?? Nothing probably.

 Today is a busy day for me so I'm hecka glad I didn't sleep and got up semi-early. Yesterday my dad, sister and I went volunteering for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and in short we gave out food to those in need and it was really nice - everyone was thankful and it turned out to be a great day. As for today, I need to organize some of the clothes I plan to sell soon and work on my music, I also plan to write down some ideas for the Youtube videos I'll be making soon, also it's probably better if I do them after I buy a new memory card since the one I was using has betrayed my trust forever. Can't remember what else I have to do right now but it'll come to me later when I get super tired and don't feel like doing anything anymore. Hope you guys have a really great day, see ya!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hunger Games

Hunger Games shirt - Rue 21 // Overalls - Secondhand/Goodwill

Happy new year! I'm 11 days late but it's the thought that counts, this year is going to be magical, I can feel it in the air or something. Last year was swaggy and beautiful and weird 'n everything but I'm glad it's a new year, it's literally refreshing and I plan to eat a lot of food.

As for the outfit I didn't know what to wear so I basically wore what I slept in the night before and here is the result, I'm a farmer. Kay but anyway here's some blogging related resolutions because I haven't actually written down my personal ones:
  1.  Paint my nails for blog posts because seriously...
  2. Actually go shopping this year
  3.  Create a blog schedule, which will start after I actually go shopping..
  4. Interact with more bloggers online and in person (i.e Sheriden!!) 
  5. Keep changing my hair every 5 seconds because creativity
  6. Start Youtubing style posts
  7. Change my blog name!! I've never ever liked it even from the second I made it
Hope this year we'll all get really rich and prettier than we already are! #seeyallsoon