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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break OOTD

Sigh, this was the best spring break of my entire life and now it's over, #unfair. I think part of the reason why it was so great was because of all the fried chicken I had, and the rest of it was hanging out with lovely people probably. Anyway, I'm having writers block at the moment, one thing that's clear though is that I could wear this outfit every other day for 10 years tops. I'll talk to you gals soon with some upcoming posts!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Black Basically

 Fedora Hat - asos // skater dress - asos// blazer - thrifted // choker - Claires // chelsea ankle boots - ASOS

My mom said I looked like a witch, which is usually my goal when I wear big hats so thanks mom! I'm incredibly sore because working out is evil, I wish bodies would exercise while we slept or something. I also wish I could stay in bed all day and watch X-Files, but alas I'm an adult and have to do adult things, like eat pocky and clean my room. Adiue!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New New

I changed my blog look and name and I'm never looking back. As far as the name goes anyway (probably). It figuratively aka literally took me forever and I was soo stressed about it because I couldn't decide on a name! I was going to use my actual name, Akila, with something simple in the title, but apparently other girls had the same idea 7,000 years ago on obsolete but taken blog names, Idk why they thought they had the right to have my name in the first place even though they were born before me, like...

anyway my stress levels went through the roof. I also couldn't even snack binge eat to help myself chill out cause I don't have any snacks, so I just drank a few gallons of orange juice. It helped I guess by quenching my thirst and making me feel like juice? But finally I asked God to help me and He did so here I am. Told my sister the new name and she just went "Eh mmm hmmm I dunno" while she looked up to the sky, so her obvious encouragement helped me settle on my choice. I'm really happy though since this was # 7 on my blog resolutions list.  whew.

photos by @amarioandre