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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Wow, this outfit is so accidentally 90'a grunge. Why does this keep happening. I usually wear this dress or a variation of this outfit when I'm too lazy to pick out a look for school, so maybe that's why; especially being that this dress is 100% Julia Roberts esque in every 90's movie ever in life. Swaggalithcly (thankfully), I haven't yet fallen into the college trap of wearing to pajama's to class but I think it'll happen sooner or later; and my friends will look at me in shame. oh well!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 16, 2015

out of sight

leggings - DressLink // cat ears headband - Family Dollar // Docs - Urban Outfitters // choker - DressLink

One night last week, I felt like soup or something, so I went bus hopping and somehow ended up in Dollar Tree or Family Dollar or Dollar General or one of those bill establishments. I bought multiple boxes of candy (I shouldn't eat candy rn), soda (I don't drink soda), some art supplies for a project, and cat ears. So, that's why I'm wearing cat ears. Anyway here's Wonderwall. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

August/September Photo Diary || 2015

Since I didn't post a photo diary for August, I thought I'd jumble photos from August and September together because why the h*ck not. I feel like they were just one big month anyway. During these autumn months, I got in trouble at work for taking my own pizza home, I went to New York to visit my boyfriend, and to do that other thing adults do (work) because capitalism. And my dad and I got stranded on a bus because he didn't want to walk, so that was fun. Be prepared for the millions of photos (not really) from two months that are definitely not in chronological order, enjoy!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Arctic Sea Witch

the girl behind me was super apologetic for riding into these shots but I think she made them look better!

Arctic Sea Witch Printed Sleeveless Dress - ToothAndEye

It's early. At least it feels early. I'm sleepy and I'm off to take a nap after I post this. I thought it'd be cool to wear a blue dress because my hair was blue and it turned out to be sort of aquatic and possibly mermaid-looking. When I wore it a lady gasped and said "You look very colorful!", I just giggled in agreement, I would've responded verbally but we were in the freezer aisle of Kroger and I was trying to focus on the small ray of sunlight peeking through the windowpane; my only source of warmth. That sounded way more poetic than intended but it was really cold in that store. Anyway! I have a lot of new posts/outfits planned that I can't wait to start posting - I'll talk to you all soon! Bless.