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Friday, April 29, 2016

he swore it on the Bible

dress - Civvies // backpack - Burlington // shoes - Wet Seal 

I was on my way to a fashion show and lucky for me the dress code was all black. Apparently my socks and backpack didn't get the memo but I mean whatever. I've learned to accept my fashion mishaps, because in the grand scheme of things, all that really matters is me eating Chinese food while watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Back to the fashion show tho. It was great! And was put together by a student designer who wanted to incorporate her Nigerian roots into her collection, as well as Dubai and the city of Savannah where the fashion show was held. I'll include photos in a photo diary maybe, The energy was great and the food...I miss it. 

Also I feel the need to discuss Beyonce's Lemonade a lil' bit. It honestly inspires me and changes my life on the daily. I've cried many healing tears watching and hearing the soul-clenching cinematography and lyrics of Lemonade as a whole, not to mention Warsan Shire's poetry which was so needed.

you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
 like yes!!! we are!! 
It makes me proud to be apart of such a sisterhood of black woman who have created so much beauty from adversity on this earth. I have so much love for Warsan and Beyonce. I'm pretty sure I'm devastated I'm not able to see Bey on tour right now but it hasn't hit me yet. gosh.

I wish you all love and a great weekend, bye!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Beach Day // Photo Diary

I. love. the. freaking. beach!!! I was probably the most annoying girl on the planet on this day and everyone in these photos can attest to it. I must've used the word beach 782 times. I think that maybe I was a mermaid in my former life, or maybe I just like it because I can actually see land and sea..instead of buildings and establishments everywhere. It probably ties in to how I'm obsessed with trees and rain and nature and the sun, etc. because I'm a dag on flower child. Even movies with a lot of greenery I'm just like...yas, thank you @God...this is the content I was brought on this earth to see

When I'm around a lot of nature I always feel that my spirit is calmer and refreshed in a sense. I long to run around in grassy fields all day and climb trees and I plan to make it happen as much as I can! I kept remarking to my friend about how the water looked really fresh and I wanted to drink it (don't recommend), I said it so much to the point where she was like.."I hope you are not going to do that like please don't actually do that that is not okay." Of course I wasn't (I'm not that crazy), but honestly it was so beautiful to look at; I couldn't help but express my admiration by declaring my thirst for it - again, I don't recommend. 

I have more photo diaries coming up so look alive y'all 


Saturday, April 16, 2016

blame it on the television

jacket - Romwe // top - secondhand (gifted) // scrunchy - African Beauty Store // shoes - Urbanog

Today is good and I feel like talking about hair and things. First off, I love having colored hair, it's like a mood ring or something. I'm ready to try pink. I've been obsessed with pink lately it's so odd, I keep buying pink nail-polish and t-shirts and dresses and books, I don't know what my deal is but it's like my aesthetic now. I even wore pink lipstick which is a no-no for me because it usually looks like the opposite of good, but now it's like...I need it.  

I remember being selectively anti-pink as a kid. I was a tomboy, but I think generally I hated it 'cause it wasn't cool to like pink, since pink was/is associated with girls and girlhood, and it wasn't (and still is not) considered "cool" to be a girl, particularly in my circle of suburban neighborhood friends who were all boys. so I suppose I internalized society's patriarchal values in that way. even though I knew I liked the color at least sometimes. Maybe I'm making up for it now. 

But anyway, at the moment my hair is in it's normal 4a-c afro glory and I'm lovin it. I was about to cut off like 4 inches last night out of boredom but then I thought hmmm I'd better not. 

ok I'm going to be a legit college student and actually do some work so,

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Witch

Hi guys, I'm back-ish. As you all know, healing isn't linear, some days you are okay, some days you are good, and a lot of days you feel as though you will fall through every crack you step on. Sometimes that's all in one day. I hope that one day I'll be able to have healed, but until then I'll keep doing what brings me light. Blogging is one of them, it's one of my outlets to express myself without having to use words (something I find hard to do, at least verbally) -- even so, I love writing. I've been writing almost every day for a while, whether it be poetry or journal entries, etc. I tend to write about womanism/misogynoir, the crippling weight that is capitalism, love (mostly), and whatever silly or angry thing that pops into my head. So I feel I should generally be more open on here because why the h*ck not. 

As for the outfit, my friend had a witch themed birthday party where we all dressed like witches in black (of course) and went to see the movie The Witch. My review on the movie is was a movie. I have so much to say about it but at the same time very little? I don't know. I'm not in a movie reviewing mood, unless I start talking about Batman vs. Superman...good grief. But I'll save that for later. 

Happy Sunday bye!