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Monday, June 27, 2016

Dreams of a better day


I like being in places that remind me of the movies I love, and particularly the movies I watched as a kid. The Buttercream Gang - which almost nobody has ever heard of, and if we're being honest is extremely corny  - The Sandlot, Stand By Me, and fairytale movies too, like A Little Princess and Legend. The Sandlot is still a really really great movie, it's one of those movies I can still watch and laugh my head off (hint, hint it's on Netflix). When I was younger I was always running through the woods, climbing trees and discovering railroad cars and hidden trinkets, similar to the adventures in some of these films. I obviously can't do much of that type of discovering in this very cute very confining dress, but it's still nice to just be somewhere that reminds me of the simple parts of childhood, and life in general.

Hope you all have an awesome week <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Pictures by Esther 

This was the last day I spent in Savannah, the photos were taken at Wormsloe Park. My friend and I went for the sole purpose of having a photoshoot and we had so much fun!! even though it was hot as h*ck. + I was literally running out of clothes to wear since I'd packed everything up so excuse my absolute non-creative outfit. 

I recently started summer classes and I'll be going out of town soon (hopefully out of the country *crosses fingers*) so I feel like my life is going to be 100% busy and adventurous again and I'm all for it!
Also you're all great and thanks for engaging with me in my last post! I usually write that sort of thing on my Tumblr but I like hearing other women's opinions on here too. I learn so much from women in general so I'm always welcome to your perspectives.

Going to spend the rest of my night watching really bad movies, cya!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Love isn't Blind

No offense but love is not blind. The term "love is blind" is one I've always rejected because I find no real truth in it. If you love someone and they are blurring your vision/if they are covering your line of sight if they are making you feel like less, then they don't love you (meaning - from the identity that they've chosen - they can't. it isn't full therefore it shrivels up or destroys or whatever the case). Love is a two way street and can't live within deficiency like it just won't survive and it won't thrive in that because it is nurturing and transformative and good.  If you aren't being loved in that way then you are being "loved" from a lacking, but love is excess and it envelopes and uplifts, if you are being shown something different you are not being shown truth. If you're being "loved" in bits and pieces then what does that say about them? You know what love is and you know how to give it (in excess) especially as a woman, if you're getting any less than that don't convince yourself that it has meaning. You aren't blind, you simply know how it's meant to operate and when someone is not operating in the same way as you, you try even harder to show them truth and you love them even harder, and even still you hope they will operate as you would by being committed, trustworthy, real, affectionate etc. , but you shouldn't. They don't want what you have to give, can't handle it, and don't deserve it. You deserve it (you give it).

To me "Love is blind" puts the focus - and even sometimes the blame - on the person who is loving deficiency while the deficient one is not dealt with. I understand the term in certain contexts truly I do but I don't necessarily believe in it. So that's all really. If you have any thoughts about this let me know!

Also it was raining when these were taken, I couldn't see like at all but I was so happy. I wanted to stay outside all day but one of my favorite things to do when it rains is sit extremely close to my tv, cover myself in a blanket and watch Pride and Prejudice. I can never get enough of that movie and I find myself living vicariously through Elizabeth - at least in terms of where Mr. Darcy is concerned. 


dress - Ross

Talk to you all soon <3

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The silence in between

  shoes - Asos // dress (similar) - Forever 21 // top - Rainbow

 I can actually create looks now, thank God for home and the closets within them. It felt like I had nothing to wear for the last three or so months, so being back home - where I for some crazy reason left most of my clothes - is great.

talk to you all soon!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The galaxy and beyond

bomber jacket - Hot Topic // top - Forever 21 (similar) // shorts - Forever 21

Believe it or not, the lighting on this day can be described as...bad. It was around the time of day where the sun adds useless shadows to your face and you look like half monster half girl and you can't do anything about it. Still some post worthy photos came out of it mostly because of my beloved Star Wars jacket.

I finished finals a few days ago and I am so relieved!! I was ready to get out of there. The only things that kept me sane were me envisioning myself laying in my bed doing absolutely nothing, and seeing my friends who light up my entire life tbqh. For some reason while I was in school, I didn't bring very many clothes with me (or maybe I did but was too lazy to look cute) and I'm pretty sure I ended up wearing a variation of the same outfit about 7,873,394 times, which is fine or whatever but I'm glad to be home where I can wear everything!!

that's all for today, hope your Sunday is blessed and fun, cya