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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Satin Dress || Zaful

Pure Color Cami Satin Dress - Zaful 
This dress is so 90's /2000's esque and I am in love. The packaging was so cute I couldn't wait to try on the dress, when I opened it I went crazy and tried it on immediately. I thought it looked so good just wearing it without any other items/accessories at least this time, plus it was really hot out so I decided not to wear the blazer I planned to style it with. I may wear this to fashion week but that's so far away I'm not sure I'm strong enough to pick an outfit to wear a month in advance..but if I did wear it to fashion week I'd definitely have to wear it in red -- wish I'd known it came in other colors earlier I would have picked all of them. I'll be adding Zaful to my list of favorite stores this year.

Also, I have so many photos to edit for my New York photo diary, so it'll be up in a couple of posts! I take pictures of anything and everything, especially when I'm away from home, so there's so much to sift through. It's always harder because some of the photos are just aesthetically bad but I love them anyway, I'll have to print the bad ones out and put them in my scrapbook for the most part.
 Enjoy your day everyone, talk to you soon!