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Friday, December 16, 2016

Blue dawn // Zaful

Trench Coat - Zaful 
 pants - HM // hat - Forever 21 

Hey everyone!! I'm so glad I have this trench 'coat' now I could cry, I can't wait to wear it in the spring since it's so lightweight! Also as you can see, I'm wearing pants again. I'm not a pants person for whatever reason but I think I should be sometimes, some of them are...okay..I guess. 

Lately my thoughts have consisted of the effects misogyny and racism in the U.S and elsewhere and it's making my head hurt tbqh. I'll probably share with you some fleshed out thoughts on it later, maybe in my next post or maybe I'll plan a post on it for the near future, we'll see. 

I almost forgot to mention my sister's dog! He actually posed with me for a picture, he's usually must shadier so I was proud of him. Hope you guys are having a rad winter break <3

Friday, December 9, 2016

hints of yellow

Hope everyone's been well!! I've been obsessed with satin and silk lately so I had to wear it, this yellow garment just so happens to be my mom's robe; going into my mom's closet always helps when I want to find some gems. And these glasses from WearMe Pro are so good! The quality is A1 not to mention the price. Will hopefully have many mores pairs, I do think I should start wearing sunglasses more in addition to my 'nerd lense'. 

I'm super super tired and want to stay in bed all day watching Christmas movies and only waking up to bake cookies. Have a lot of posts ahead of me so stay tuned!