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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Craving to witness

I began to dislike wearing black immensely. I wore it too often and it made me feel unvibrant and unsaturated and boring. Then I suddenly Wearing black is fun/amazing and cool (+ sometimes lazy). maybe I will get tired of it again and that's okay, but for now I'm going to keep wearing it and hope for the best.

Anyway, I keep thinking of BeyoncĂ© and how men don't get her and won't accept her artistry, or only - on a v basic level - tolerate her artistry and claim they don't 'like' her because girls love her so much. How weird??? it's fine if someone doesn't like her I kind of don't care, but some men go out of their way to announce their disdain for her and I just think it's odd and. Telling. I want to not engage in those conversations ever in life anymore. +
 I forgot to note that most everything I'm wearing is super not new, except for the shoes. And blazer that was given to me by my mom's friend, I need to create like 30 outfits with this bad boy. Okay I'm gonna finish my Snapple and work on some homework, adieu! - Necessary Clothing // mesh bodysuit - (similar) Forever 21 // bracelet - thrifted // shoes - GoJane // pants - secondhand

Thursday, March 2, 2017

the golden days // Sammydress layering, but I don't really feel like this outfit is 100% my style I think it's more like my old style yk? still dig this skirt from Sammydress though, they have such cool pieces that kind of amp up my dull looking closet. When I travel abroad I plan to embrace my actual style and bring the outfits in my head that so desperately want to come out. to the surface. 

the quarter's almost over and school has been great, I've made a couple of new friends but have mostly stuck with (that sounds bad, I hate English) my older ones (who I love entirely). I sometimes hold off on initiating new friendships because it just takes so much time and energy to even anyway I'm so so so excited to be traveling abroad, I know it'll be a life altering experience and I kinda want to cry tears of joy just thinking about it.

Hope all of you are well, ttys! <3 I think I'll do a style inspiration post soon, I definitely need it.