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Sunday, May 21, 2017

climbed a mountain and turned around

I'm in my room listening to a shuffle of Fleetwood Mac and my old homies Paramore, they're having a concert on my birthday in Atlanta and I'm psyched - my love for them is pretty equal to my love for Beyonce', which is y'know a lot. So I really really hope I'll be able to see them

I bought this long green pinafore dress like last month in a mall called Dragon Center in Sham Shui Po. that mall is huge for no reason and I get lost there sometimes but it's fine. I'm super stoked about all of my purchases in HK so far, I have a lot of ideas for shoots with the clothes I've bought but I'm gonna wait til I get back to the U.S to do most of them. I'll be working on a few photoshoots here too though with some friends in the next couple weeks so I hope I don't out of creativity

see you all soon <3

Sunday, May 7, 2017

green things

Hi! I don't have wifi in my apartment currently and I have to go catch a bus back to it in a few minutes so this will be short n sweet! or probably just short. I'm sorry (mostly to myself) for my sloppy ensemble but that's to be expected when you walk up a mountain in heat and don't have mirrors nearby I think. Hope you're all well and doing good things and loving yourselves, will be back soon. Gonna go read like 80 books at once