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Friday, January 26, 2018

Snow Day

Pants - thrifted // Docs - urban outfitters // coat - Shopjeen // top - Forever 21

Menswear mixed with hints of femininity (?) is my favorite thing. Found these pants in a thrift store and fell in love, thought I'd pair them with my Docs that I hadn't worn in over a year (counting my last post). It was legit too freezing to be exposing any skin but I did it anyway and I'll probably wear this outfit 20 more times no matter the weather. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Yellow Jacket

 Happy New Year? I took a break creatively for a couple of months, I wasn't burnt out or anything but personally I thought I should try and make time for other things that I enjoyed. I spent a lot of time reflecting, thinking, writing, reading and listening to 6lack and Sabrina Claudio on repeat. I got to see them live with my girls, and my heart was renewed on the real. For the new year, one of my resolutions is to just keep striving to be a good person, even if the world + the people in it make that ridiculously hard. and to treat people I love kindly and be a better listener.

I'm wearing some stuff I got in Hong Kong, + I've finally been reunited with my Docs! They were in New York for like a year at my aunt's place and now they're back where they belong, in my closet. i'm at school right now doing homework and i'm v sleepy so I'll see you guys when I'm not??