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Monday, July 23, 2018

Flower Child // Zaful


 I was sent this floral set from Zaful, it's the cutest thing ever in life. I was in need of summer clothes + it came just in time!! the best part about it is that it doesn't fall down/I don't have to constantly adjust my outfit all day.

Also, my laptop is finally fixed after half a year of not being able to use it! My productivity has definitely suffered because of it, so I was forced to find alternative ways to create. and my efficiency just wasn't there. But all is well now and I'm happy. see yall soon!  going to be collaborating with some friends over the summer so stay tuned

 + Check below for some Zaful Coupons! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

July Photo Diary // 2018 Cloudland Canyon

I love nature. I grew up on a mountain and would always play outside in dirt or snow. climbing trees or saving bugs who were hurt (or if I just felt like they needed saving from their buggy disposition). I hate sweating more than anything, and the devil is really trying it with all of these heat waves, but my friend invited me to go hiking and I would have had Ragrets if I didn't go. it was lit (pictures below)
Moving towards something, to reach my own goals and enter into the future I want is something I daydream about and work hard at. but. I rarely share my goals with people, or my 'hearts desires' because I feel like people will either try to hinder you or help you with their words. I don't feel there's an in-between for the most part. Having helpful words doesn't mean it has to be absent of critique, but when someone is trying to hinder you, there is no support or understanding or compassion, there's only doubt or raised eyebrows + what ever else someone can muster up to say to you to show their disapproval. Being lowkey has helped me in the sense to believe in what I want with or without someone's help, support, or approval, but I've also hindered myself by not sharing my favorite things with my favorite people because of my fear of a Reaction. I'm an empath and taking on someone's feelings as my own can be a tricky line to walk. but sharing is important, it's an expression + act of love that isn't appreciated enough. Anyway, I'm trying to be a more open + honest person who shares herself more (I'm an artist so I have no excuse not to). here's to 2018 and adulting.