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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


jacket - secondhand // plaid shirt - Ross // glasses - Rue 21 // necklace - Urban Outfitters // jeans - Forever 21 

Wore this yesterday, I was so tired and picked out my outfit in like 2 minutes but I guess it came out okay. For MLK day my friends and I volunteered and picked up trash in the hood, it was really fun, and you wouldn't believe how many half smoked cigarettes we found..when we were finished we went to eat and played Dungeons and Dragons in a restaurant for like 2 hours, I'd never played it before so I was pretty horrible, but on purpose. All in all my favorite day this year so far.

I start school next month and I'm really excited! I hope I can continue blogging frequently, I did pretty well last semester up until the end; we'll see how it goes, and be we I mean me. Have an awesome week guys!