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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Simple Plan

 jacket - Necessary Clothing // dress - Forever21 // boots - GoJane // bag - secondhand // bracelet - African beauty store

You guys are so amazing omgah. Thank you for all your nice comments from my last post, I loved reading them! I'll be sure to reply to all of you - I'm so bad at the sometimes.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, my camera's exposure was a tad bit too high and I only realized it after-the-fact, ugh, but my sister did a good job of taking the photos either way so I guess it's not so bad. 

Today I'm going to work on my last projects for school, I think I have 3 weeks left, yes! I can't wait, seriously, even though school didn't stress me out much this year as it has in the past.. I just need it to be summer break already so time, hurry up. Talk to you all soon, enjoy your week!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Almost 90's

dress - NastyGal // cardigan - Walmart // bag (with stains) - secondhand

This dress is so me. Got it a few months ago and was going to send it back because I'm cheap and thought I overpaid, but no, it's perfect and I'm keeping it. And I know the 90's trend is probably getting old for some of you, but this is pretty much how I'm going to dress until I'm 100 so don't eat me or anything. Plus this is like (sort of, not really) Julia Roberts 90's which everyone should love anyway.

I really have nothing to talk about today, it's just so hot and I can't quite function because on top of that my laptop is about to overheat, le sigh.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stuck In a Dream

white high neck dress, necklace - LoveCulture // blouse - Forever21 (old) // flatforms - GoJane

My favorite spring outfit so far! I wore my dress as a top because I just felt like it - but at the end of the day I was tired of wearing my skirt and just wore the dress alone instead. Hope you guys are enjoying your spring so far, I'd enjoy mine more if I had no school but it isn't so bad, once I'm on break I'll be super busy which is cool because I take a bunch of photos when I'm out and about, so I'll be showing you guys how my summer is going and I'm sure it'll be very very hot. I have some spring cleaning to do so I'll talk to you all soon.