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Monday, December 22, 2014


I am finally finished with finals. I can't believe it. freedom is here. thank you God. I know I literally just wore this dress in a sorta recent post aka my last post but I mean I haven't been shopping in months so sue me I guess. My sister and I went on a photo taking rampage and decided to go to a random field to snap some shots, Usually when I'd ask her to take pictures of/with me she'd always give me a sigh of unrelief, so this is progress guys. Also, finals kind of destroyed everything ever that could make anyone i.e me happy so I'm not even in the Christmas spirit yet and I haven't gotten sleep in weeks it feels, I'm going to blast Jingle Bell Rock 40 times 'cause this is not cool. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

cherry lips, crystal skies

shoes - Urbanog // velveteen dress - Forever 21 // lace cardigan - Ross

So, I'm sitting in my room watching Taylor Swift music videos before I get started on today's finals work and boy do I have a lot, back to the point though, Taylor is a boss like how does she even exist??? No one knows. Also photography is weird 'cause my hair wasn't even this color when my brother took these a little while back, but I digress, 2 weeks left of school and I'll some freedom to like live and breathe and eat, #justlittlegirlythings. Have a great almost weekend!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baby, it's Warm Outside

pleather coat jacket - thrifted // yellow shirt - vintage  // lightning bolt skirt - Forever 21  // yellow backpack - Burlington (similar here)

Hola all. I can't believe how warm it is right now and it's December, but then again I can. I just want it to snow on Christmas while I'm sitting by the fireplace with a million dollar's worth in present like is that too much to ask??? 

When I thrifted this jacket I didn't notice the zipper was broken because of how brightly lit the $10 price tag was. If the zipper weren't broken then you couldn't see the rest of my outfit anyway so it's a win-win. Staying warm isn't my main priority obviously. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Outfit: Red Riding Hood

coat - vintage // dress - secondhand // necklace - Rainbow // shoes - Amazon

I feel Christmas in the air. I know there's 'Thanksgiving' coming up, but my love for Christmas far exceeds my love to eat a lot of food until I can no longer walk. Even so, although I wore this look to church, I'd probably wear it on Thanksgiving or Christmas if I were the kind of person to get dressed up and not stay in my PJ's all day, especially because I'm obsessed with my mom's red coat. She has the best coats man. I need to up my game so I can stop shopping in her closet.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mesh Bodysuit

Just a quick post before I start my homework and eat a tub of raspberry flavored sherbet despite it being really cold outside. See you guys soon-ish!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Moments From October

is fall not the prettiest season ever? 
changed my hair again, I really can't help it.
my brother @amarioandre is such a model it's unfair. 
first time in my adult life carving a pumpkin, came out pretty okay!
I love the Gilmores and their fast talking selves to pieces
Halloween brings out the weird in people. This guy and some other dudes were skateboarding through the streets with their Halloween masks on, don't know how they could see but they looked hecka cool and that's all that matters.
And that's all. My life as of last month. Wish I had taken pictures of food but I'll keep that in mind for next time considering November and December is when I eat like nobodies business. Hope you guys had a great October and that this month turns out even better! :)