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Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Outfit: Red Riding Hood

coat - vintage // dress - secondhand // necklace - Rainbow // shoes - Amazon

I feel Christmas in the air. I know there's 'Thanksgiving' coming up, but my love for Christmas far exceeds my love to eat a lot of food until I can no longer walk. Even so, although I wore this look to church, I'd probably wear it on Thanksgiving or Christmas if I were the kind of person to get dressed up and not stay in my PJ's all day, especially because I'm obsessed with my mom's red coat. She has the best coats man. I need to up my game so I can stop shopping in her closet.


  1. Man, I almost wish we had Thanksgiving here if only for another chance to eat a lot of food aha! Your hair is super, super awesome (I say it everytime time but it's true!). xxx

  2. wow i'm just in love how you styled this! You hair looks sooo good with the red coat and white dress! Another gorgeous quirky outfit, can't wait for the next! x

  3. Your red hair and the white dress are amazing! so gorgeous outfit honey!!

    So beautiful and interesting!
    I would really appreciated, if we could follow each other on BL and GFC!
    Just started following you, Waiting for you to follow back :)
    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful // Bloglovin'

  4. I've recently discovered your blog and I really like it! I'm following you now on Bloglovin'
    Hope you'll like mine too!

  5. Your hair with the coat = perfect <3 Gaaah. I wish I could add color to my hair!

    – Anna

  6. Woow, that coat is so amazing, so 80s, it looks
    perfect on you. :)

  7. This is so beautiful! x

  8. Can I just be one ounce of the amount of coolness that you are?
    If I was, I think it'd help me out a lot :) Such a great look! Makes me so excited for the holidays. XOXO