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Saturday, June 20, 2015


black moon skater skirt - ToothAndEye //  blazer -  thrifted // top  - Necessary Clothing // chelsea ankle boots - ASOS

photos by: @azizaandre & @amarioandre

I don't know why the photo quality of these are wacky but okay.
I thank God for hats because I was having a really bad hair day thanks to the never-ending rain, even though it rained after these photos were taken. When my hair knows it's going to rain it ruins itself prematurely to prepare for it or something, At least my outfit wasn't terribad. And thanks so much ToothAndEye for this awesome comfy skirt! I'll be wearing it until I'm 50.

Reason I haven't been on much is because I've had the nastiest cold, my laptop betrayed me and its monitor screen died, and when I'd finally get on a laptop my sister's) I'd use that small window of time to scroll through tumblr, check e-mails, or work on uploading items to my store, which you guys will be seeing soon yayyy. Anyway! It's raining again, so I'm gonna watch sappy romantic movies, ttyl

instagram: @istylelooks

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blue Baby

dress - Forever 21 

Hi!! I know I haven't been here in a while and I'll explain why in my next post. But for now let's just talk about how I suck at conforming. I can't keep my hair one color it's like impossible, I get bored too easily =/. There are 3 more colors I plan to try this year or the next but we'll see how that goes. Talk to you gals later, peace out.

instagram: @istylelooks