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Sunday, August 30, 2015

hello, hello

dress - Forever 21 // backpack - Forever 21 // socks - Forever 21 // shoes - Target

I need to stop shopping at Forever 21, I'm basically a walking ad. But everything's affordable and  really cute, whereas for other stores that I absolutely love, everything's amazingly cute and expensive, le sigh. The fashion gods are cruel. Anyway, I like how I have a wardrobe malfunction every time I go out, I won't name what it is in this look because it's probably obvious, and if it's not then I will have pointed it out for nothing. 

I'm going to post a wishlist next month because I tend to forget what I need/want, and making it tangible in the form of a post will save some paper, plus they're fun to make and I could literally window shop for clothes all day. okay bye.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Schoolgirl Q

blouse - thrifted // skirt - Forever 21 

This looks like a uniform. My sister kept saying I looked like a school girl, but that always happens when I wear this skirt. I meant to cut off some of the length because I don't really dig long-ish skirts unless they're maxi; I didn't have time though. This weekend is slightly busy so it looks like I'll be getting negative zero rest, yayy. Hope you all enjoy your weekend <3

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Space Girl

space babe sleeveless skater dress  - ToothAndEye // choker - Ebay // jacket - Forever 21 

I love lazy Sunday's, thought I'd post today while I'm still awake since I might take another nap or five.

Took these pictures a few days ago with my brother, I think the snaps and overall outfit would've looked ten times cooler if I had my white hair still, but I digress -- once summer's over and I'm back in school I'm going to make my hair blue or something, then wear the crap out of this cool dress that reminds me of the Zenon Disney movie. See you gals in a few days with my next post!

P.S. thank you all for your super nice comments on my last post! it's always appreciated <3

Monday, August 3, 2015

unnecessary clothing

skirt - Necessary Clothing // sunglasses - secondhand // bracelet - thrifted 

The last time I wore this bodysuit was in this post . I don't think I'll be wearing it again until winter, it's just way too hot out now. And the closer it gets to fall, the more the temperature seems to rise, I don't much dig it. Every time I attempt to get a tan, however slight, I step outside and immediately go "nope", turning my butt around. The heat is too stale and eval and I'd rather get pale-ish or whatever than melt in under five seconds. I hope it cools down soon, though! I miss wearing unnecessary layers of clothing.