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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Baby Pink

Pink is probably the most fun color to wear for me. That and yellow, which I don't have a lot of. I've grown tired of wearing black (again) so I've been buying colorful things to brighten up my closet. This top I got in Hong Kong from a store called Monki is so dreamy...and I fell in love with that place. I'm pretty sure I was in there for 3 hours one day just trying on clothes. And the skirt, although way too small for me now, was cute enough for the moment. It's time to sell the bad boy. 

This day was particularly ridiculous because I ended up straight up falling on the concrete  because women's shoes are unkind and a little bit The Worst sometimes. My sister laughed at me because she's really supportive and laughs at people's pain, but I joined her so it was okay.

Talk to you guys again soon!

Top - Monki // Skirt - Romwe // shoes - GoJane // bag - my sister's

Friday, June 16, 2017

What's old is new again

  The Powersuit

So I'm back from Hong Kong! more on that later :) I've been into power dressing and suits lately as I've been studying different eras in fashion - from ancient Sumerian times to the Renaissance and onto to the the 70's, 80's, 90's and early 00's. I get endless inspiration from them all, but I was really obsessed with the 70's and 80's in regards to women's suits.

  I like how inspiration can be a bit indirect and spontaneous, or purposeful and specific. I think I was indirectly inspired in this case to wear a suit when I decided to go into my mom's closet and try something on I felt would be bold - not really intending to wear a suit. but once I had it on I couldn't help but think of all ways my mom styled this sucker in the 90's. Then I began to think of Bianca Jagger's wardrobe from the 70's, and literally every 80's blazer womankind has ever adorned. Dressing boldly is so interesting and underestimated, I think it's fun to do it in a personal way instead of relying on trends to make an outfit unique - implementing old trends + new trends, whatever, and honoring if it's your style and you feel comfortable in it is a really powerful part of fashion.  it's safe to say I plan to wear a lot more suits in the near future.