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Monday, July 17, 2017

Long ago and far away // Zaful

Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Knitted Dress - Zaful

I'm obsessed with integrating into Nature, with sitting in it and living. I mean I don't like the evil bugs it comes with... but I've gotten pretty good at avoiding them for the most part.

 I'm proud of myself for taking these pictures with my tripod. I've had this dress from Zaful for a while and could never find the right time or place to take photos in it. It's one of my favorites so I wanted to do it justice. it would've been cool to style it with heels, but the way grass is set up..wouldn't have worked so I just wore my sneakers which were totally opposite of the look I was going for so that was a Pass. the simplicty + beauty of my surrounding's was enough for me.


  1. Wonderful outfit photos! You look (and are) amazing in all of them.
    You make that Zaful Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Knitted Dress look fabulous!

  2. That dress was made for you,love how it suit you! Big hug