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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

i need something, give me something wonderful

Believing for good things to come is important, speaking things into existence is important. Our words hold importance + power, and it's our responsibility in this world to speak to truth and to tap into that power and into goodness. I have been more mindful of the words that I use as of late, choosing words to say that uplift and affirm as opposed to bringing down. it says a lot when you're kinder to those around you who you love than you are to yourself. As I get older, I realize that loving yourself is as equally important as loving your friends. this means being nurturing, patient, kind, accountable, and gentle with yourself as you learn along the way. Anyway, it's early and birds are chirping on this chilly October morning. I need to catch some Z's but I probably won't.

Happy October 

(I got this top in Hong Kong, sorry I don't remember the store name yet :/ )