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Thursday, November 8, 2018

You know it all, I seek in vain

In a weird way, I feel like I haven't dressed like myself for most of the year. or i've been so inconsistent that maybe it's just been hard to track. 

Anyway as of today but not forever, I don't have enough money to dress in my true style. so this is as close as I'll get. I think I'll stick with the 90's, grunge esque look for the colder seasons and see where that takes me. Dressing for summer is so....eugh. I feel like less of myself, maybe because I have an affinity for oversized clothing that's not possible pull off without fainting and slight regret in the hot hot heat.

This whole outfit is from Forever 21 purchased at different points in my life and. I can finally say I'm not ashamed (because it looks Goodt).