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Friday, January 4, 2019

I will love you when we're old

There are so many things I learned in 2017 that I was challenged on in 2018. I would fail some and win others, until I finally allowed myself to access the full potential of my happiness by living in my truth and releasing what was not for me, in order to welcome what is, and what will always be for me. it's as if we live out these lives that we think are expected of us, or we think we deserve -- and these lives are full of hardships, and non-balance, and absence. And we welcome this, because we believe that things that are harder are worth having. + sometimes, they aren't. Sometimes the good things want to come so very badly, but we aren't ready to have them, so we prolong the process of receiving them. // The truth is always staring us in the face, but we ignore it to overcome things we were never meant to overcome; never meant to even encounter in the first place. 

I learned that it's okay to strive for better, to ask for good things and then go after them and not settle for less than that. i learned how much I care, and how powerful that makes me, and how people spend their whole loves with apathy or selfishness in their hearts, and how I can never be aligned with them, and that's okay. My story is my own, and i deserve a good one,  a loving one  all around.