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Saturday, July 25, 2015

i'm only good at being young

overalls - vintage // white blouse - thrifted // necklace - H&M // Docs - Urban Outfitters 

Currently painting my nails (shocker, I know) while listening and singing along to and Stop This Train by John Mayer. I tend to listen to this song every time I think about life, or when I don't feel like searching through my playlist because I'm too lazy to pick another song.

I really need to go thrifting with my lovely blogger but irl friend Sheriden. I've had little fashion/style inspiration lately, my work uniform is blue and black and more black and not being able to pick out a different outfit every other morning makes me confused about life; my clothes are suffering, probably. So yay for overalls, they bring out the kid in me, even though it's always out - so it's like I'm not even an adult at this point. 

Talk to you all soon!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Black Witch

Over-sized, or flowy, non-formfitting clothing makes me want to run out into an open field and skip and sing for 7 hours like I'm in The Sound of Music. In other words, I need to buy more things that don't 'fit' me so I can keep my happiness level above like 80. And wearing black is great. But. I live in the South...I'd rather not faint as soon as the sun hits me, if you catch my drifting drift. For a fix, I'll just stock up on black nail polish until it gets cooler or something. 

P.S oh yeeah my hair's black (for now) enjoy okay bye!

dress - Forever 21

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Blues

jacket - Forever 21 // pencil skirt - thrifted  

Why do I keep wearing blue???? The fashion gods are probably trying to tell me something, like maybe to stop wearing blue, for instance.

I  hope you guys like this outfit, the jacket is oddly enough really hard to style =/. I like it, buuut I'm probably going to sell it. Also! I went thrifting last week and bought a few ugly shirts for 6 bucks total, I love being cheap. Okay I'm tired again 'cause I was busy selling my labor today. It was cool or whatever but I'd rather have a million dollars and some takeout right now.  Sorry for the rambling. I'm off to take a nap, adieu!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I want a ticket to anywhere

dress - Romwe // hat - ASOS

I'm tired. I came from work hours ago and should have went to bed hours ago, oh well! I'll pass out in the next 10 minutes so what ever. Anyway, I really really like this dress, it's so simplistic and pretty, but I don't wanna wear it too much on a count of it's cream/white-ish, and it'd get dirty with little to no effort; or some effort will be employed and I'll just spill something on it 'cause I'm clumsy as h*ck. 

Okay time for bed. I hope you guys have a rad weekend, byeee!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Photo Diary || 2015

Somehow, July went by both slowly and quickly. I don't remember it as a whole. What I do remember is not getting enough sleep, going faux shopping then real shopping, becoming friends with costumers at work who I'll never see again, and watching Daredevil every day, which by the way is the best Marvel show on the block; watch it! For this month, I plan to draw a lot and practice new songs on my piano until my fingers fall off, and to enjoy my summer break because it'll be gone in no time. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, July 3, 2015

June Photo Diary || 2015

I don't post photo diaries that much, which is complete nonsense considering I take pictures of anything and everything just about every day. So to change that, here are some moments of my life as of last month + the last day of May, that I've taken either with my phone or camera. My phone's camera quality isn't the best by a long-shot, but like... I donut care. The important thing is that I have a phone in the first place, even if only to snap shots of my half -eaten food. Anway I hope ya'll enjoy these mostly very ocean-y, very blue pictures! 
planning to go to the library a few times a week after or before work, it helps me operate less like a zombie if I read a book throughout my day
when I went to the airport and decided to dress like I had no sense 
this would've tasted better if my taste buds worked
my sister and I got soaked in the rain this day. my shoes had puddles in them and I ate a burger that made my stomach do seven hundred backflips in the worst way. good day, though!
Me + my seester :)
this sand was nearly impossible to walk on without shoes, but I walked without shoes anyway and only got hurt 4 1/2 times.
that's all for now! I'll probably post July's diary in the beginning of next month. Adieu <3