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Saturday, February 10, 2018


So, a girl (me) has got a lot to say today. I'll start with fashion, this vest looks to me so much like Chanel piece, I would have styled it with pearls or like a chained belt or gloves, -- but I hate pearls, I don't have a chained belt, and my gloves are not at all fashionable. it's cool though, I decided to pair a skirt with it because I haven't worn one in like 7 years ( 2 months) which is so unlike me. Am I changing the facet of my identity or just becoming fashion lazy? That's my business. I'd like to start doing brand themed posts just for creativity reasons, I've been digging up some inspiration and will take a jump at it random times throughout this year, but only when I'm able to record it and make it a cohesive body of work -- it'd be more fun to see everything in motion along with photos. It'll take some time since I already have a couple of projects in the works but it's coming!

I'm slightly disappointed one strand of hair was in my face for a majority of these photos but i mean…it's…coolll…I still love how they turned out (thanks brother) . moving on I just want to say that have i a super low low tolerance // and by low I mean zero // for people *wanting* to be in my life but not actually working towards it y'know? It's one thing to declare something with words, but your actions have to reflect + follow -- if they don't, what are you? What's your point? what's the goal. like For Why are you So Invested in wasting someone's time? Before this would have probably hurt me or confuse me…but's so …..goofy, I just shake my head and keep it movin. i'm too ancient for it, + it's a little disappointing that in 'entering' adulthood I'm finding that high school antics aren't left in the dust. I expected it, but experiencing it is another story. 

Anywho!! Black Panther is so close!! I'm gonna watch it 2 or 3 times, the first time with my family <3 and the 2nd with some friends, then if I go again I'll probably just go by myself. i'm so excited about it that focusing on my homework is the hardest thing in the World, but I'ma get through it. 

I'm literally all over the place with this post, still, thanks for reading!! ttyl <3

vest - vintage // shoes - Wet Seal


  1. This shooting is amazing, love the combo darling!

  2. It's so cute how you styled this Chanel-like vest - I definitely love the edgy look!
    xo Samantha

  3. Totally agree, I have minus tolerance when someone is speaking bold and strong words and then when you need them, they're like "sorry can't" ..... thanks a lot asshole.
    The strand of hair is no big deal, you look like a hot piece of pizza in these photos, no one is looking at the strand but at those gorgeous legs!