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Friday, April 13, 2018

Fluttering in from Neverland

This look was soo fun for me to create + wear. In the moment, I was just inspired by nothing in particular but just fashion in general. It's something that I'm obsessed with and can kind of delve myself into for hours without realizing it. the most interesting part is 'using what you have', like, as much as I love luxury + high-end fashion, that's not really always obtainable for me right now unless I can get creative (thrifting). being a college student means I have to chill with the spending sometimes and use what I have until I have what I want, if that makes sense? Anyway! much love for you guys.
P.S I attended America's Mart today for Atlanta Apparel, I took some photos with my phone and I may go tomorrow as well - hopefully I can incorporate it into a post!

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