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Thursday, May 3, 2018

How I Style: The Bodysuit

green leather jacket - vintage // bodysuit - Forever 21 // boots - GoJane

i love love love this jacket. I wish I'd styled it better but I'll have more time to do that in the near future. it's been a mini-struggle to figure out what to wear so early in the morning for my 8am classes. I contemplate throwing on a sweater and leggings (not the worst idea) but for some reason my brain always disagrees with me and then I sort of dress up in one way or another. 

But I still have some tips to myself that I use to make dressing easier while in school:

  1.  Pick out my outfit the night before
  2.  Take pictures in multiple outfits and refer to them when I can't figure out what to wear -- I usually do this the week before school starts and wear planned outfits for the first two weeks. it saves time!!
  3. Literally forget that I love fashion and dress in frumpy overalls and a beanie
  4. If I'm in a rush; throw on a bodysuit and pair it with a hoodie, jacket, cardigan, what ever's closest and will keep me warm (like in this look)
  5. Again with the bodysuit, throw some boyfriend jeans over it, put on some red Docs, or any cool boots and call it a day, it looks really cute. And I feel comfortable and not overly dressed, although I don't much mind being overly dressed


  1. Looking stellar as always. Take a side photo or one exposing your back please.