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Friday, April 13, 2018

Fluttering in from Neverland

This look was soo fun for me to create + wear. In the moment, I was just inspired by nothing in particular but just fashion in general. It's something that I'm obsessed with and can kind of delve myself into for hours without realizing it. the most interesting part is 'using what you have', like, as much as I love luxury + high-end fashion, that's not really always obtainable for me right now unless I can get creative (thrifting). being a college student means I have to chill with the spending sometimes and use what I have until I have what I want, if that makes sense? Anyway! much love for you guys.
P.S I attended America's Mart today for Atlanta Apparel, I took some photos with my phone and I may go tomorrow as well - hopefully I can incorporate it into a post!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spice up your life

Hey hey. I had a creative bug that came immediately after an allergy attack, because naturally, that's how it goes. Anyway! I styled a few outfits and here's one of them; I'm glad too because there are some days where I just can't style at all, ultimately causing me to accept my fate as a hobo and dress like I've never known or heard the words taste, aesthetic, or style in my entire Life. 

All of what I'm wearing I've had in my closet for over 2 years, the skirt I've probably owned the longest...when pleather skater skirts were a thing 700 years ago. The sweater is being sold here on my if you're into this sort of amazingness?? Hope you like the look! Talk to u guys on the flip <3

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Day in Atlanta

jacket - (gifted) Romwe // bodysuit - Forever 21 // plaid mini skirt - from God knows where

My beautiful friend's momma took these photos, she's a photographer based in North Carolina and she came to Atlanta for a visit. We had so much fun and I kind of dragged my brother along with me, so very happy about that because we got some lovely sibling pics!! We all went to a few locations in Atlanta close by my school, so it was a short walk/drive and the weather was ace. It had rained earlier in the day and kind of chilled out around 11 which I'm super grateful for. Will be sharing more pics from our shoot in the next post :)

Olga's instagram: 

Saturday, February 10, 2018


So, a girl (me) has got a lot to say today. I'll start with fashion, this vest looks to me so much like Chanel piece, I would have styled it with pearls or like a chained belt or gloves, -- but I hate pearls, I don't have a chained belt, and my gloves are not at all fashionable. it's cool though, I decided to pair a skirt with it because I haven't worn one in like 7 years ( 2 months) which is so unlike me. Am I changing the facet of my identity or just becoming fashion lazy? That's my business. I'd like to start doing brand themed posts just for creativity reasons, I've been digging up some inspiration and will take a jump at it random times throughout this year, but only when I'm able to record it and make it a cohesive body of work -- it'd be more fun to see everything in motion along with photos. It'll take some time since I already have a couple of projects in the works but it's coming!

I'm slightly disappointed one strand of hair was in my face for a majority of these photos but i mean…it's…coolll…I still love how they turned out (thanks brother) . moving on I just want to say that have i a super low low tolerance // and by low I mean zero // for people *wanting* to be in my life but not actually working towards it y'know? It's one thing to declare something with words, but your actions have to reflect + follow -- if they don't, what are you? What's your point? what's the goal. like For Why are you So Invested in wasting someone's time? Before this would have probably hurt me or confuse me…but's so …..goofy, I just shake my head and keep it movin. i'm too ancient for it, + it's a little disappointing that in 'entering' adulthood I'm finding that high school antics aren't left in the dust. I expected it, but experiencing it is another story. 

Anywho!! Black Panther is so close!! I'm gonna watch it 2 or 3 times, the first time with my family <3 and the 2nd with some friends, then if I go again I'll probably just go by myself. i'm so excited about it that focusing on my homework is the hardest thing in the World, but I'ma get through it. 

I'm literally all over the place with this post, still, thanks for reading!! ttyl <3

vest - vintage // shoes - Wet Seal

Friday, January 26, 2018

Snow Day

Pants - thrifted // Docs - urban outfitters // coat - Shopjeen // top - Forever 21

Menswear mixed with hints of femininity (?) is my favorite thing. Found these pants in a thrift store and fell in love, thought I'd pair them with my Docs that I hadn't worn in over a year (counting my last post). It was legit too freezing to be exposing any skin but I did it anyway and I'll probably wear this outfit 20 more times no matter the weather.